The Persona 4 Kink Meme (badbadbathhouse) wrote,
The Persona 4 Kink Meme

Oh my heavens, over eight thousand five hundred comments in the last post alone. I feel so tardy and yet I briefly felt compelled to wait until we had over nine thousand, hoohoo~! Oh, even the oldest of memes gets a rise out of my... big and manly heart.


To beat the dead horse (or beat off the handsome cabana boy, we're not picky ♥), in this very post of mine, you can comment anonymously with any pairing from Persona 4 and whatever astoundingly perverse or adorably vanilla kink your little heart desires. Delicious non-con, innocent fluff? Oh, darlings, it is very acceptable to bare your deepest desires here. ♥

If you're lucky enough, your request will be delivered by some sweet and sexy anonymous, and what better way to boost the levels of reciprocation than by filling out a request yourself? After all, we've all come here for the same~ thing~! Don't be shy, darling, we are all friends here. And if you see a filled request that nonetheless inspires you? Sloppy seconds are so very much encouraged. For a list of some finished prompts, head over to verybadindex or marukyurevue if you so please~!

Kiddies, our only real rule here is the request to blank out spoilers, like so:

I'd love to see myself Kanji involved with <font color="white">everyone even remotely available after July's events~</font>

Because half the fun~ of Persona 4 was learning all the twists and turns of the plot for ourselves, wasn't it? Anyone seen breaking this rule (and darlings, always remember that you can send your sweet Kanji a note through the Livejournal message center!) will have their request deleted in a hopefully timely manner.

Let's do our best, everyone! In this kinky paradise, men, women, and shadows are all invited.

Hugs and kisses,

PS~ I would like to call attention to the persona3kink journal for all your P3 needs. Apparently even more sweet anons are posting and fulfilling deep desires over there...
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