The Persona 4 Kink Meme (badbadbathhouse) wrote,
The Persona 4 Kink Meme

Oh gracious, I turn a blind eye for just a sexond and the second post fills up! Darlings, sweetpeas, do please forgive my tardiness. I bring you now our third installment of the fantasticousity, and would indeed love to, ah, beg your pardon in being so late about it.


In this scintillating post of mine, you can comment anonymously with any pairing from Persona 4 and whatever astoundingly perverse or adorably vanilla kink your little heart desires. Delicious non-con, innocent fluff? Oh, darlings, it is very acceptable to bare your deepest desires here. ♥

If you're lucky enough, your request will be delivered by some sweet and sexy anonymous, and what better way to boost the levels of reciprocation than by filling out a request yourself? After all, we've all come here for the same~ thing~! Don't be shy, darling, we are all friends here. And if you see a filled request that nonetheless inspires you? Sloppy seconds are so very much encouraged. For a list of some finished prompts, head over to verybadindex or marukyurevue if you so please~!

Kiddies, our only real rule here is the request to blank out spoilers, like so:

I'd love to see myself Kanji involved with <font color="white">everyone even remotely available after July's events~</font>

Because half the fun~ of Persona 4 was learning all the twists and turns of the plot for ourselves, wasn't it? Anyone seen breaking this rule (and darlings, always remember that you can send your sweet Kanji a note through the Livejournal message center!) will have their request deleted in a hopefully timely manner.

Let's do our best, everyone! In this kinky paradise, men, women, and shadows are all invited.

Hugs and kisses,
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